Latin Goddess based in London

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''As the Goddess that you have found yourself adoring, worshiping, sacrificing for and silently admiring... I become your mentor. I become all that you want to devote your whole being to, as a sign of genuine gratitude, for I fulfill your soul in ways no other has ever managed to in the past...''

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What does a session with you entail?

''Each session is carefully tailored to reach an end goal...''

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To discover the various fetishes that I enjoy & cater to in my sessions

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For those who deem themselves worthy to worship me in person, I often host sessions 

Those who need to prove themselves to my satisfaction may request for online sessions instead

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For the brave & worthy of the privilege

Usually conducted in Central London from a dungeon of good standing

Visits out of town & international sponsored trips may be considered

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For the extremely shy or those who reside overseas

Pre-booked in advance or live cam sessions 

available regularly

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Gifts & Reimbursements

 Your servitude to Me starts when you contribute to my lifestyle through cash and gifts. 

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''You’ve been yearning to confide your deepest & darkest secrets, in the hopes that you will be understood & guided to peak & experience your authentic self, with no inhibitions or judgement… all while you are given the privilege to appreciate my irresistible charm, perfect figure, sharp intellect & sadistic mind''

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''If spent 5 minutes or 5 months with you it would still be over too quick! Goddess is my addiction and the reason I breathe!'' (submitted February 2019)

The honest words of some of the submissives that have had the pleasure of serving Me for the past few years. 

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